St. Helena Star: Wine of the Week: 2011 Annia (Catherine Seda)

“Some people bring back T-shirts or mugs, but when Dan Petroski returned from Italy in 2006, he brought back an appreciation for the crisp white wines from the northern part of the country. He turned that appreciation into Massican Winery and, among others, the production of a white blend called Annia.

This wine, at $28, is exactly why wine is fun. Annia is a blend of daring varietals – ones that every white-wine lover should discover, Tocai Friulano (also just called Friulano) and Ribolla Gialla – and the winemaking lets their exciting white peach, floral and nutty flavors shine. A bit of chardonnay is included in the blend, which adds a nice touch of richness, but the overall style is crisp and zesty.

This is the most fascinating wine I’ve had all year.”

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