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Wines to Know: 2016 Massican Annia.

Every person I’ve ever served this wine to has said the same word—fascinating. And that’s what I wrote, too, the first time I tasted this intriguing fresh dry white, a blend of two Italian grapes –
ribolla gialla and friulano – with a small amount of chardonnay. (Some of the friulano in this wine was planted in Napa in 1946!) The wine seems to encapsulate the pure foresty aromas of the mountains ringing Napa Valley, and yet the flavor of the wine is definitely Italian. Massican (the name comes from a mountain range in southern Italy) is dedicated to making California wines with what the owner calls Italian “intellectual verve.” Delicious verve, we might add. (12.8% abv) – 90 points.

Karen MacNeil

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