Month: May 2018

Podcast: In the Drink, Heritage Radio Network

May 2018

Dan Petroski was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and has the swagger and the accent to prove it. After attending Columbia University where he played football, Dan went to work for Time, Inc. While there, he earned his MBA from NYU and worked his way up the ranks towards […]

Punch: Insider’s Guide to alt-California

May 2018

Many of the varieties we might consider alt-California have a history in the state that long predates the rise of cabernet and chardonnay. Look no further than the work of Eugene W. Hilgard, one of the great agricultural scientists of the 19th century, who planted and recorded dozens of grape […]

Food & Wine Magazine: On the Rocks

May 2018

Minerality is the Wine Buzz Word of the Moment, But What Does it Mean Exactly? Some wines, mostly white, have a kind of stoniness. Or mineral character. Or something. The aroma or taste of Chablis can recall the bottom of a box of blackboard chalk (in a good way). The […]