Month: October 2018

Food & Wine Magazine: Trendspotting Vermouth

October 2018

Vermouths to Buy Artisinal vermouth isn’t limited to homemade. Try this one – 2015 Massican Vermouth di Friulano: California winemaker Dan Petroski invokes 18th-century Italian vermouths for this aromatic elixir. Serve it on ice. – Ray Isle

Soutirage: Proust Questionnaire

October 2018

The past century has brought myriad incarnations of what we’ve come to call the Proust Questionnaire. Based on the late-nineteenth-century contemplations of French writer, Marcel Proust—subsequent adaptations have been issued by French journalist, Bernard Pivot, Inside the Actor’s Studio host, James Lipton, and Vanity Fair, which has been revealing the […]

Wine Business Monthly – Industry Leaders 2018

October 2018

Wine Industry Leaders – 2018 Dan Petroski, Thought Leader Among Winemakers Thought leader among winemakers Dan Petroski is winemaker at Larkmead Vineyards as well as founder of his own label, Massican. He spent 10 years as a magazine executive before moving to Italy in 2005 where he spent a year […]