San Francisco Chronicle: 2017 Winemaker of the Year

October 2018

How to describe Dan Petroski’s Massican wines? They’re from California, but somehow don’t taste like it. Ostensibly they’re modeled on the wines of Friuli, in northern Italy, but they don’t taste quite Italian either. The Massican wines are white wines. They’re crisp wines, high in acid. They’re fresh – neither […]

Food & Wine Magazine: Trendspotting Vermouth

October 2018

Vermouths to Buy Artisinal vermouth isn’t limited to homemade. Try this one – 2015 Massican Vermouth di Friulano: California winemaker Dan Petroski invokes 18th-century Italian vermouths for this aromatic elixir. Serve it on ice. – Ray Isle

Soutirage: Proust Questionnaire

October 2018

The past century has brought myriad incarnations of what we’ve come to call the Proust Questionnaire. Based on the late-nineteenth-century contemplations of French writer, Marcel Proust—subsequent adaptations have been issued by French journalist, Bernard Pivot, Inside the Actor’s Studio host, James Lipton, and Vanity Fair, which has been revealing the […]

Wine Enthusiast: 2017 Reviews

August 2018

Massican “Annia” – 94 Points. This is a refreshingly stunning blend of 55% Ribolla Gialla, 39% Tocai Friulano and 6% Chardonnay, the latter (from Hyde Vineyard) finding unexpected companionship with its Napa-grown Italian counterparts. Waxy and floral, it tastes of green apple and white peach with a plush midpalate and […]

Podcast: Cru, Stories from the People Behind the Wine.

August 2018

How to Achieve Quality and Consistency Over Time with Dan Petroski. After a decade long career in publishing for Time Inc., Dan Petroski got a harvest internship in Italy, booked a flight and didn’t look back. For the next year, he would live as a local in his adopted home […]

Terroir Review: 2017 Reviews

August 2018

2017 “Annia” White Wine – Annia is a blended wine constituted of a little over half Ribolla Gialla, a little less than half Tocai Friulano, and a small portion of Chardonnay, fermented in mostly used French oak. The Chardonnay hails from the Hyde Vineyard in Carneros, where Massican pulls fruit […]

Wine Spectator: 2017 Reviews

July 2018

Wine Spectator Insider, July 18, 2018: Massican 2017 “Annia” – 92 points. A complex and inviting white, showing intricate nuances of roasted almonds, matcha, honeysuckle and orange zest flavors, mingling with supple, juicy Asian pear, tangerine and ripe melon notes. The smooth texture and thread of acidity just add to […]

Podcast: In the Drink, Heritage Radio Network

May 2018

Dan Petroski was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and has the swagger and the accent to prove it. After attending Columbia University where he played football, Dan went to work for Time, Inc. While there, he earned his MBA from NYU and worked his way up the ranks towards […]

Punch: Insider’s Guide to alt-California

May 2018

Many of the varieties we might consider alt-California have a history in the state that long predates the rise of cabernet and chardonnay. Look no further than the work of Eugene W. Hilgard, one of the great agricultural scientists of the 19th century, who planted and recorded dozens of grape […]

Food & Wine Magazine: On the Rocks

May 2018

Minerality is the Wine Buzz Word of the Moment, But What Does it Mean Exactly? Some wines, mostly white, have a kind of stoniness. Or mineral character. Or something. The aroma or taste of Chablis can recall the bottom of a box of blackboard chalk (in a good way). The […]