Massican Retrospective

in the spring of 2017 we sat down with some friends and colleagues in the wine industry and tasted (almost) every bottle of wine that Massican has made. we opened two bottles of every one of the core wines – annia, gemina, hyde and sauvignon.

these notes are an opportunity to reflect on the successes and failures and to reflect on the experiences that caused those results. this is an incredibly important exercise for a winemaker. however, we must not lose sight of one key factor, are the wines delicious? when tasting older wines you have to ask are they more delicious today than they were when they were released?

the answer to that question is completely subjective and we don’t like to tell anyone how and when to drink their wine, we can only hope to give some insight as to how the wines are drinking during the arc of their life.

  • click here to read the retrospective in pdf format.