Italian White Wine Blend

this is a wine about friends and family. without massimo there would be no trip to sicily. without george there would be no ribolla gialla in the united states without christian and serena there would be no inspiration for this wine. all my friends are my heroes and my motivation. annia is named after my american mother and our first italian wine vintage is named after massimo’s father GASPARE. without massimo there would be no massican he gave the support to make this dream a reality a million thanks to friends and family we could not have done it without you.

friuli colli orentali white wine
vintage: 2017
grapes: tocai friulano – 44%, ribolla gialla – 29%, chardonnay – 27%
alcohol: 13.5% by volume

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  • annia: a blend of ribolla gialla, tocai friulano and chardonnay
  • gemina: a blend of pinot grigio and greco
  • hyde: one-hundred percent chardonnay
  • sauvignon: one-hundred percent sauvignon blanc