Hyde 2015

we cant say enough about our relationship with the chardonnay from hyde vineyards in carneros. truly the only complaint we have is when mother nature provides us with less fruit on the vine! with lower yields in this vintage we see a slight increase in intensity in the wine but we continue to preserve the beauty and the purity of chardonnay itself. a portion of the grapes from hyde make it into our annia bottling but we truly wish we had more wine to bottle as the 2015 wine has a tremendous energy that we are excited to enjoy over the course of the next ten years.

hyde vineyards chardonnay
vintage: 2015
grapes: chardonnay – 100%
alcohol: 13.3% by volume

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  • annia: a blend of tocai friulano, ribolla gialla and chardonnay
  • gemina: a blend of pinot grigio and greco
  • sauvignon: one-hundred percent sauvignon blanc