2016 Hyde Chardonnay

we harvested our hyde vineyards chardonnay on two separate occasions in the 2016 growing season. there was an early august pick with the intention of these grapes being blended into annia to provide the wine with a hint of freshness and structure. the second harvest happened a bit later than expected due to the weather in carneros being moderate to slightly below average temps. as for the wine itself, this is an atypical hyde vineyards chardonnay that lands on the lighter, brighter side of vineyard’s potential of making some of the greatest chardonnays in california. next year we plan on putting a toe in the water, testing a little of the crop on the riper and richer side of hyde; so hang on for the ride but in the short term give this bottling a little time to settle into itself and start drinking in the fall of 2017.

hyde vineyards chardonnay
vintage: 2016
grapes: chardonnay – 100%
alcohol: 13.0% by volume

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  • annia: a blend of ribolla gialla, tocai friulano and chardonnay
  • gemina: a blend of pinot grigio and greco
  • sauvignon: one-hundred percent sauvignon blanc